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The objective of the annual EW India School Rankings, conducted by C fore, is to proclaim and track the country’s best schools as role models to the entire community of educators, and inspire top-ranked schools themselves to improve from good to great

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Day Schools

This year, 593 of the 725 primary-secondary institutions included in the EducationWorld India School Rankings survey are day schools which have been divided into the co-ed, girls, boys and a fourth category, viz, day-cum-boarding schools, defined as institutions which although predominantly day schools, also offer residential facilities

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Boarding Schools

On the basis of feedback received from the public and considerable internal debate, this year we have subdivided boarding schools in discrete categories — boys, girls and co-ed


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International Schools

In the EW India School Rankings 2013, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai is ranked the country’s #1 day school, Indus International, Bangalore the premier day-cum-boarding school, and Kodaikanal International the numero uno wholly residential school

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Cover Story Contd.

For the first time ever in the media, the ISC (class XII) English+Best 3 subjects, English+PCM and English+Best 3 subjects (over 90 percent) league tables of schools affiliated with the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations, Delhi

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