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Axiom Education, a Mumbai-based innovator in education solutions, has launched a first-of-its-kind national science and technology competition named ScientificA, 2008 for class V-VIII students across India. ScientificA will adopt a unique audio-visual methodology of assessing students’ aptitude through their ‘enterprising quotient’. This annual national competition will culminate with a search for the ‘Student Icon of India 2008’, to be conducted across 1,200 schools in 21 cities across India. Students countrywide can enter the competition online at Winners at various levels will be awarded prizes valued at Rs.50 lakh.

“At Axiom Education, we believe that every student has the ability to excel. However, it is important for parents to unleash the untapped talent of children. This is where Axiom’s assessment through the Enterprising Index mechanism will help discovery of the relative strengths and weaknesses of every child, guiding parents and students alike. Axiom is committed to leading the wave of change in our society by developing education systems that go beyond classrooms and making learning engaging, interactive and fun; in short, a way of life,” says Rohit Jain, managing director of Axiom Education.

According to Jain, the overriding aim of this endeavour is to stimulate students to rediscover science and redefine their approach towards learning and understanding the subject. “Students will become involved in a fascinating process of exploration, experience and extrapolation through which they will discover that science goes much beyond school text-books or examinations,” adds Jain.

Axiom Education is an enterprise of the Bilakhia Group, founded in 1986. The company was started by three IIT alumni — Rohit Jain, Kunal Sharma and Saurabh Saxena — with a vision to reinvent learning.

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