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Re the EW India School Rankings 2017-18 (EW September), I would like to place on record that for the past three years, our school has been getting two ranks in EWISR. We had complained about this anomaly in writing last year. Yet again this year we have got two ranks, #37 and #41 in Karnataka’s best co-ed day schools league table. This is very de-motivating for the school. 

Please note our name is Presidency School Bangalore South not Presidency School Bilekahalli, Bangalore South and we don’t have any branch in Bannerghatta. Please resolve this issue at the earliest. 

J. Bhuvaneswari
Director/Principal, Presidency School Bangalore South

We regret the error Editor


Wrong classification

We were shocked to read that the Convent of Jesus and Mary, Dehradun, has been ranked #2 in Uttarakhand in the girls’ day schools category in the EW India School Rankings 2017-18. For the past three consecutive years we have been ranked the #1 girls day school in Uttarakhand and Dehradun in your league tables. 

For your information CJM is a 117-year-old school providing unmatched quality education to girl children and is the only all-girls’ day school in Dehradun. Waverley Convent, Mussoorie which has been ranked #1 in Uttarakhand this year, is a boarding school with only 1 percent day scholars. Therefore CJM and Waverley should not be judged in the same category. 

Please immediately rectify this category classification error and issue a corrigendum ranking CJM #1 in the state of Uttarakhand.

Sr. Greta D’Souza
Principal, Convent of Jesus and Mary, Dehradun

This contention is correct. We have awarded CJM the #1 rank trophy and certificate. See p. 90 Editor 


Crass sensationalism

The recent ghastly murder of a seven-year-old child at Ryan International School, Gurgaon, has stirred the conscience of the nation. The media is in overdrive demanding the arrest and trial of Dr. Augustine and Grace Pinto and their son Ryan — the promoter-directors of the school. The Central and state governments and police have also raised their own concerns.

Amid all these emotional outbursts, it would be unfair to lose track of the commendable work done by the Pinto family in promoting 135 K-12 schools across the country and abroad. Cumulatively, nearly 30,000 students graduate from these schools every year. Thus they have made a great contribution to school education in India. While it is their bounden duty to cooperate fully and honestly in the investigations, the insulting manner in which mud has been slung at them by the media is grossly unfair. Crass sensationalism has given this tragedy an ugly touch.

Close on the heels of the Ryan horror, a nine-year-old girl student of a government school in Gurugram was reportedly raped by her teacher. Should the police not reach the doors of the minister of education, the owner of the school?

India has an excellent private education system which is the envy of Asia. This system is being systematically destroyed through unimaginative legislation by state and Central governments. Not many promoters would now consider investing in private education in India. Understandably, they are petrified.

Capt. Raj Mohindra 
Founder, Raj Mohindra Consultants, Mumbai


Wrong score

In the EW India School Rankings 2017-18 (EW September), there are some discrepancies related to N.L. Dalmia School, Mumbai’s class X ICSE board exam average score. On page 138 of the co-ed day schools rankings league table you have incorrectly published our class X ICSE average as 75 percent instead of 88.34 percent as submitted by us. 

In 2014-15, the school was ranked #9 and in 2015-16 #8 under the parameter of academic reputation in EWISR. Our school’s ICSE average has been steadily increasing since then and the highest score this year is 98.60 percent which is the top score in Thane and #6 countrywide. Surprisingly, this year we are not ranked among the Top 10 schools of the country for academic reputation.

Ratings and recognitions are vital to motivate students to perform better and boost confidence of all stakeholders. We look forward to your encouragement and appreciate your rectifying the error on page 138 at the earliest.

Seema Saini
CEO & Principal, N.L. Dalmia High School, Mumbai

We regret the error and will make the changes in the online version of the EWISR 2017-18 Editor 

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