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 SHISHIR JAIPURIA - Chairman, Jaipuria Group of education institutions, Delhi

Where would you place education on your national list of priorities?
Education is the most effective instrument for the empowerment of people. I would place it among the top priorities in the national interest. 

How best to upgrade government colleges?
Our colleges and universities should place special emphasis on research and creative thinking, for which we need top-class faculty. Higher education should also address the needs of industry and the changing jobs market.

Thinker/philosopher you admire the most.
Swami Vivekananda for his vision of building a modern India. 

Your favourite Nobel laureate.
Albert Einstein, whose theory of relativity completely changed the dynamics of scientific thinking worldwide. 

Your leadership style.
Get the best people for jobs, delegate,and lead from the front.

Your favourite book on education. 
The Bhagavad Gita, an under-rated philosophical discourse founded on scientific thinking.

For or against the RTE Act’s 25 percent reservation for underprivileged children in private schools?
It’s important that all sections of society have the opportunity to receive quality education. But for this, we need to improve the public education system.

Should the education outlay be doubled by cutting defence expenditure?
While there’s need for enhancing the education outlay, the focus should be on efficient utilisation of current expenditure. 

How satisfied are you with the growth and development of the Jaipuria Group of educational institutions?
Our group has been showing steady growth from nursery to postgraduate education. We are also encouraging like-minded partners in tier II and III cities to join our ventures. 

Pessimistic or optimistic about the future of education in India? 
Very optimistic, because of the rising demand for quality education and greater public awareness that it’s the foundation of national development.

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