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Make the connection!

It’s not every day that one finds cause and effect answers on the same page of a daily newspaper. It’s as rare an event as sighting a UFO or a comet, and therefore worthy of comment. Yet two coincidental headlines in the Times of India (Bangalore edition) of January 7 (page 3) revealed the sorry condition of the nation.

The lead story on the page recounted that even 70 years after India attained political freedom, 67 percent of households in the southern state of Karnataka (pop. 63 million) — proclaimed one of the country’s most industrialised states and #1 in terms of information technology (IT) software exports — are yet to receive the basic facility of piped water supply into their homes. Shameful as this statistic is, Karnataka is #1 among major states with 33 percent of rural households served with piped water against the pathetic national average of 16.85 percent. How’s that for the socialist model of development?

A reason for this abject condition of Karnataka’s citizenry is provided by a report in three columns on the same page. A surprise raid conducted by 12 officers of the anti-corruption bureau (ACB) on a handful of government bureaucrats in Bangalore on January 5-6, revealed that they have accumulated wealth and assets valued at Rs.40 crore — a sum vastly disproportionate to their incomes. The ACB raid on the government officials revealed that B.S. Prahalad, a superintendent engineer (technical vigilance) of the Bangalore municipal corporation, owns two houses, one land plot, three commercial complexes, and land lots in Chikballapura and Tumkur townships, two motor cars, 731 gm of gold and 865 gm of silver.

Not any less enterprising, R.V. Kantaraju, deputy director of urban planning, owns five homes in Bangalore, 10 acres of agricultural land in neighbouringRamanagara, 154 gm of gold and 4.5 kg of silver, a car etc. These rolling-in-wealth babus are just two examples of several officials with aggregate assets valued at Rs.40 crore unearthed by the ACB. It’s impossible to believe there’s no connection between their wealth accumulation and the 67 percent piped water supply deficit of the state’s citizenry.

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