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CHIREC students develop drone capable of carrying a human

09 / 08 / 2017 (Wednesday) || 03:58 AM
Students of Physics and Engineering Club of Hyderabad based CHIREC International School successfully launched an Octocopter capable of lifting a human pilot, weighing around 70 kg, on Wednesday, August 2 at CHIREC Kondapur Campus.

The team of 4 students, Vinay Kanumuri, Vineet Alaparthi, Amog Iska and Aaditya Maddukuri and 2 CHIREC Alumni, Sahevaan Taneja and Surya Taneja, undertook the project to design, build and fly the Octocopter (multirotor with eight rotors). The project is the first of its kind by students in India.

The drone will pave the way for more ambitious endeavours, decreasing costs and increasing ease of use, flight time and speed. The club will focus on building larger scale versions of this design to support such applications.



The CHIREC Physics & Engineering Club aims to offer students a hands-on experience in learning Physics through practical experiments, discussions, trips, group activities and projects.