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Ingram Micro & Partners form the backbone of Maharashtra Governments first of its kind state wide skilling program powered by Microsoft Cloud: Kaushalyasetu

12 / 06 / 2017 (Monday) || 05:41 AM

When Ministry of Education, Maharashtra learnt that an estimate of 20,491 students could not clear their 10th class examination, it planned to compensate their one-year loss by offering skill-oriented training under the project ‘KaushalyaSetu’. The course was to be conducted around 200 best Polytechnic colleges but lack of accurate data, transparency and process automation across the state of Maharashtra were some of the problems that the government faced.

It was then that iWeb Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a Microsoft AEP partner, stepped in and within a short span of time turned the table with its radical solution, Education Management System Application. We handle the entire gamut of academic and administrative activities across colleges or Universities with this holistic solution built seamlessly on Agile wiz BPMSTM.

We planned an integrated approach to tackle this problem

It didn’t take us much time to configure that they need an automated solution that could help them to maximise strategic planning efforts and streamline the management of student services and academic services. We wanted to empower them to make informed decisions quickly and to make it happen, it was necessary to eliminate the redundancy of disorganized data and create a single platform of validated and accurate data.

We chose to stand out by doing some hardcore groundwork

It is rightly said that great work demands time and research and so does this one. To make this solution a grand success, we made the checklist first to know where exactly we need to focus. Following that., we concluded that we need to focus on three basic areas:

·         Developing the dashboards for minister, regional head, college/centre head, student, trainers, and parents

·         Program maintenance

·         Program courses maintenance

The plan was easier said than done. To simplify this Herculean task, we spread it out evenly to make sure it meets all the winning criteria.

·    Each district representative was ordered to visit colleges and handover the manual of IUMS & training, gather data (names of faculty and which subject they teach, names of classrooms/labs, timetable for classes), to verify the infrastructure, analyse the readiness of students and get the MoU signed.

·    To add college in system we decided to create new role of college coordinator, define operational district for each coordinator and maintain colleges in his district only.

·    To add programs in college we had options to either insert the offering period when program is added in college or insert course instance at the same time.

·         We made timetable of colleges in consultation with college admin/staff.

·         Imported student data obtained from SSC board with college & program already set.

·         Made sure that student goes to assigned college.

·         Made sure that fee payment is rightly handled by college admin.

·         Made attendance marking and teaching compulsory.

·         Made sure that marks are entered after the exam has been done.

·         To print/publish result timely along with certificates and mark sheets.

We put cloud to work for public good with Microsoft and Shreyas Technosoft Pvt. Ltd.

To offer end-to-end student plus institute management in all 200 colleges and around 60,000 students, we are glad to get the support from Microsoft and Shreyas Technosoft Pvt. Ltd.

Microsoft’s local cloud services from their India Datacenter Pune and Mumbai enabled agility for the program. It helped the team to deploy the solution with greater efficiency especially in managing sudden spike in traffic and with thecompetitive rates offered, it helped us convince out stakeholder to adopt Microsoft Cloud Services for seamless functioning.


Shreyas Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. was our marketing and implementation/support partner that helped rolling out this solution state wide in Maharashtra. It assisted us to do installation at all places free of cost while offering support for all the 200 sites.

We delivered numerous benefits

·         Streamlined and automated the entire operation of this program run by the Government.

·         Gave them real time data .

·         Provided various reports & in the form of dashboards like Student Enrolled, Course completed, Registration status, student as well as staff attendance.

·         Eliminated the redundancy of disorganized data from several isolated functional silos spread across the legacy systems or documents on personal computers and created a single platform of validated and accurate data.

·         Offered them the opportunity to make informed decisions within a shorter span of time.

·         Enabled automation of the academic administrative processes thereby reducing the time and efforts taken to achieve exemplary results.

·         Offered broader opportunities to reduce cost in terms of time, resources and required personnel.

The customer has a single touchpoint and iWeb along with Shreyas and Ingram Micro (CSP) are working jointly with them. We look forward to have strong business ties with them going forward.

iWeb’s Academic modules covers the Student enrolment, Fee, Admission, Timetable, Attendance & Examination Modules and it has been implemented for the entire state covering around 60,000 students with over 200 polytechnics across Maharashtra.

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