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A curious child could be a genius
Peh Yong, a six year old, invented an umbrella that can make you feel cool in hot weather. It uses the process of evaporation to create and circulate cool air.

Many kid inventors have come up with amazing creations born of curiosity and the desire to create something new.

Encouraging children’s natural curiosity the right way can build a lifelong thirst for knowledge, leading to a spirit of innovation. Here are some ways to make your child’s curiosity constructive:

Provide resources like encyclopedia, CD’s and books that answer common questions. Spend time to read together to get them hooked.

When your child has a question, encourage her to search and find the answer. Guide her about where to look, let her find out for herself. This might mean breaking open a seed, experimenting in the kitchen, or accessing the internet.

If your child wants to explore ‘why not’ questions, ask them to attempt solutions. They may find a brand new one. “Why not” questions have led to many innovations.

Get your child to put down new ideas in an ‘Ideas Book’ to explore and experiment. Encourage her to create a new product, object or piece of art every week.

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