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Creya Learning Program

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About the Product :
Creya offers an experiential learning program for students of grades I to XII for delivering 21st century skills such as analytical thinking, problem solving, creativity, information fluency, communication and collaboration. It inculcates all of these through an interdisciplinary program that is hands-on and applications skill oriented.

To make adoption of the program easy for schools, Creya provides all elements required for seamless implementation – the curriculum, coaches and the manipulative resources. Apart from these, Creya also provides professional development to teachers and learning environment design.

Creya Learning provides an engaging and truly experiential 30-hour program for each grade through projects, which are a blend of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM), Digital Media & Arts as well as Life and Leadership Skills. This program can be delivered as part of the regular calendar schedule spread through the academic year.

In this program, children work on projects having real-world connections to classroom learning, ensuring a truly engaged learning that leads to in-classroom transformation taking them away from rote-learning.

Creya also provides a meticulously designed and delivered professional development program to the teachers as part of the Creya Learning System. 

Investing in Creya Learning Program can obviate the need to invest in multiple programs like Language Labs, Personality Development Labs, Science/Math Activity Labs or Robotics.

Creya program also helps meet the requirements of education boards such as delivering Oral and Listening Skills, Writing and Comprehension in Languages, Correlation to Real Life environment and Analysis in Science, Investigations and Concept understanding in Social Studies. Apart from being aligned to CBSE/ICSE curriculum, Creya Program also maps to international standards like ITEEA so as to ensure children have a firm global footing.

Unique Features :

* Provides the essential 21st century learning skills to children

* India’s only interdisciplinary and truly experiential program

* Is an end-to-end solution provided for easy implementation

* Built on strong foundations of 20 years of academic research

* Proven program with over 7500+ implementations across the globe

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