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SMART Table - Interactive Learning Centre

Category : ICT
SubCategory : Interactive Tables
Company : SMART Technologies
Phone : 18001033938
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About the Product :

SMART Table provides increased flexibility, both in terms of content and teaching style. SMART Table Toolkit, a resource that comes with SMART Table, can create an almost limitless supply of activities for the interactive learning centre. The toolkit helps customize ready-made activities and create new ones. As students learn, the activities can be refined and redesigned to keep students challenged and engaged.

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SMART teacher development programme.

SMART Table complements the SMART Board interactive whiteboard and other SMART products and a variety of different teaching styles can be accomodated.


Unique Features :

1. Help students collaborate and learn

2. SMART Table Toolkit, a resource that helps you create a limitless supply of activities on your computer

3. One can download ready-made SMART Table activities from the educator resources webpage

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