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Adding sports in your resume allows your personality to shine through, gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself, tailor your message to the individual employer and pl look 0p why you’re a good fit for the job. It is a powerful tool. These days, conventional career professionals not only list out those activities that are directly related to their jobs, but are also highlighting sports activities in their resume to showcase more offbeat interests which adds to their creativity, personality and enthusiasm.

Recruiters value extra-curricular activities, and many companies particularly those in client-servicing industry are seeking candidates who show determination and are committed to their work.

As an athlete, you have a great potential as an employee and make up a successful career. Here are a few qualities that are relatable:

● Accountable - You’re accountable to yourself and your goals. You are equally good and dynamic as a team.
● Managing Skills - You can balance academics and sports, and you’re used to managing your time.
● Work Ethics - You have a strong work ethic and are dedicated to your goals.
● Adaptive - You’re used to the public spotlight, and the pressure and scrutiny that comes with it.
● Leadership skills - You have good mentoring and leadership skills, especially as a team leader.
● Versatile - You’re proficient with team dynamics and dealing with different personalities.
● Meeting deadlines and never give up attitude - You are mentally tough and are able to handle situations when you are let-down or defeated.

Activities including clubs, membership organizations, hobbies, participation in any sports and interests that show leadership, technical skills, community involvement or team-playing capabilities may enhance your candidature for an admission or to a hiring manager.
The workplace favours athletes so do your best to be one. Companies conduct recruitment drives on college campuses and so you stand a better chance than others.

Athletes in many companies are universally respected as high performers and it is no coincidence that more than 80 percent of the executives at Fortune 500 companies describe themselves as former athletes. Companies seek employees who can stand out in high pressure situations, demonstrate leadership and react positively to the feedback of superiors.

Reasons why athletes make the best hires:

● They have grit
Working, especially for a start-up, is about putting in the hours towards a goal - a quarterly sales number, a KPI, or a new product. True momentous victories in the office are rare. As a manager, you want people who aren’t working for the “win,” but for the pure love of the effort.

● They can prioritise
Athletes are goal-oriented by nature, which means they’re constantly assessing where they stand in relationship to their objective and fine-tuning the tactics they need to get there. Like a soccer midfielder, reading the defence to decide whether to shoot or pass, the best worker constantly reprioritise to focus on the goal that matter most to their team.

● They know what “team” means
If you want a business with a collaborative ethos, adding athletes to the mix is essential. Great teamwork is about subsuming individual egos and agendas under the goals of the group. But athletes understand that teamwork is about more than just sharing the workload, supporting your teammates or jumping in to lead when needed. Great teamwork requires people who understand group dynamics and know how to adjust their behaviour and role to fit the organisational needs.

In today’s workplace, sports career resume stand out among all because they value much emotional intelligence over academic intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the “soft skills” that enable smooth running interpersonal relationships at work — such as the ability to read peoples’ nonverbal cues and the ability to manage oneself within a team.

These skills are not something that can be taught in a classroom but comes within you when you slog hard and continue to put your whole hearted effort to be an athlete. Sports teach workplace values like teamwork, shared commitment, decision-making under pressure, and leadership. Also, engaging in sports helps people succeed because it teaches skills such as time management, focus and mental toughness.

As the saying goes, “A healthy mind in a healthy body” so the benefits of sports spill over into other parts of life. The career benefits of being an athlete are not necessarily related to talent, but also brings with it, its share of focus and commitment.

Sports help you to overcome with disappointments, rejection and setbacks that will only make you stronger as long as you get back on your feet and move on to the next opportunity.

It's smart to use extracurricular activities to your advantage by including information that will highlight the important skills you have learned and applied.
So before you hit “send” and your resume flies through internet, make sure you have included your time spend on the court or playing field. And it’s better to weave-in the skills that your sports taught you and will surely be noticed by a smart recruiter.

The author is Dr. Amit Bhalla, Vice President, Manav Rachna Educational Institutions.
Writing a thesis paper is not the easiest of tasks you will do in graduate school but it is arguably the most important project before earning that coveted Ph.D. degree you have been working hard to attain. As a result, most students go to the extent of seeking guidance from sources they believe can help turn things around for the better. With this option becoming hugely popular lately, it is important not to seek advice from just anyone. The nature of a thesis project demands that one is extensively informed on a range of issues that go into its completion. So, if you have never sought dissertation writing help from anyone or an agency that partakes in writing services, it is important to always bear in mind that only the best that feature in your search radar should be considered.

Developing your paper
Usually, completion of advanced academic projects like thesis and dissertation require absolute dedication right from the onset. Gathering your data or information whether, through questioning, observation or experimentation shouldn’t be just fun but also rigorous. However, each stage in the
development of a thesis paper requires certain skills, some of which are very unique.

Writing stage poses a range of challenges to students. It is a question of whether you are endowed with requisite skills and if not, what is the way out?  This is where professional academic writers should be extensively considered for thesis guidance.  Take your time when it comes to this. As a matter of fact, it will really help if you consider the best Professional
Thesis Helpers anytime you are stuck with a project. It saves time while ensuring that you are counted among those who have submitted quality papers at the end of the day.

Professional Thesis writing advice: What do experts have to say?
You may want to take a leap into the World Wide Web in search of dissertation assistance services to seek help before things pilfer out of control but again, getting to know what makes an outstanding paper is equally important.  It will help you write your own, evaluate papers done by third parties for quality and to also stay on track as pertains to writing rules. Listed below are some thesis writing tips from professionals:

Meeting the Requirements
When thesis projects are around the corner, some will be excited and others rather confused. The latter group is usually ill-informed on certain
requirements that go into successful completion of a thesis project. If you miss out on such simple instructions as misconstruing the number of spaces to mean the number of pages, you will be caught up in a rush trying to trim down words to satisfy instructions. Understanding of thesis language is therefore very important.

Project management tools
Today, managing a writing project is rather easy. If you don’t have what it takes to get along, writing and planning tools such as Evernote, Trello, and others will help you have everything including deadlines under control.  For instance, an App such as Trello is ideal for organising tasks and having every important idea noted down.

Quality over quantity
It is not a competition about how many pages one can write. It is imperative to lay emphasis on quality. This is something you can achieve at the preliminary stage of research. Gather only relevant data and useful information.

Choosing your subject
General topics aren’t ideal for academic projects. Within a wide subject, there are specific issues you can think about.  If you want to write about global warming, for instance, look into specific aspects of it. It is the only way to meet features of a thesis topic such as measurability.

Writing style
While the tone of your paper and the style with which you want to convey information remain yours, academic writing styles such as MLA, APA, and Chicago are what distinguish a thesis paper from general essays. Get this right from the onset and other things like formatting and referencing will fall into place.

In conclusion, to write a top thesis paper requires many things, skills include.  But it is the understanding of what thesis is while factoring expert advice that will make a difference. An experienced term paper writer can be a gem when it comes to this.
With Pre Boards on the horizon, we can witness the tension starting to creep in as students get all jittery about how to cope with its preparation. Boards are an important milestone and govern a student’s life long career and Pre Boards are an important precursor to this stepping stone to success. It is a mock drill before you face the real challenge. Hence, it is important that you give importance to the preparation for Pre Boards and give it your best shot.

Let’s look at the 5 secrets that can unlock the door to success in Pre Boards:

1. Effective Study Techniques

In the age of neck to neck competition it is essential to equip yourself with effective study techniques that are fundamental to academic competence. Implementing techniques such as Method of Loci, Diffused and Focussed thinking, Context dependent memory is one secret that can help enrich your learning abilities and boost your overall performance. Such techniques stimulate interest and help students to retain the info more effectively. You can also see for yourself which study technique works the best for you.

2. Focussed Attitude

Relentlessly studying the whole day would not do any good if you are not focussed on the task. In the world of increasing distractions, focus has come under more siege than ever before. The ability to focus is definitely one of the secret elements to success. A focussed attitude helps to achieve more and in less time, thereby leading to better productivity. If you want to pass your pre boards with flying colours, focus on you preparation and keep your goals in mind.

3. Respect Time

It is rightly said that time and tide waits for none. Those who respect time are said to achieve success at anything they aspire to do. Acknowledging the importance of time can help you smoothly sail through even the toughest exams. In order to make the most of the available time, start your preparation early. Making a study schedule can help manage time efficiently. It will not only keep procrastinations at bay but also help you focus on your goals.

4. Bright outlook

We all have heard the popular saying that every cloud has a silver lining. Another secret to success is adopting a positive outlook towards studies. It helps you understand the importance of studies in life and how essential it is to prepare well to get that target score. Keeping a bright outlook also helps to cope with failure and prepare again with the same determination and persistence.

5. Full Brain Power

Last but not the least, utilising your brain’s full power is the fifth secret to success. If you are cramming and not learning by understanding, then you are not harnessing your brain’s full power. While studying try to comprehend it and make sense of what you study. You should use your imagination to form mental images, stories etc in your mind as images are processed faster, retained longer and retrieved quicker by the brain.

Mr. Aakash Chaudhry, The author is Mr. Aakash Chaudhry, Director, Aakash Institute

Over the past decade, MBA has seen a significant growth in the education sector. More and more students are opting for a degree in MBA from any of the top colleges in the country like UPES with a dream of a bright career. Furthermore, the landscape of businesses is changing at a faster rate than ever. Be it an MNC or a start-up, all organisations are looking for professionals who deliver maximum output in minimum time.

MBA courses offered by top MBA schools in India instil the required skills in students by following an interdisciplinary approach to learning. Top MBA colleges like UPES encourage innovative and creative zeal while offering domain-specific education.

Here is why MBA is considered as the ‘Golden Ticket’ to future

Excellent Communication Skills

One of the best skills that an MBA instils is communication skills. Communication has become a significant part in the success of any organisation. With effective communication skills, any individual can express ideas effectively and in a more persuasive manner. The ability to communicate better is beneficial for career growth and is extremely useful in the practical business world.

Understanding of the business world

Top MBA colleges offer finely curated MBA courses that provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of the business world. MBA students undergo training in various disciplines and undertake subjects from a wide range of business disciplines. As a result, MBA graduates have a broad and better understanding of the business world as compared to others. Furthermore, the knowledge acquired helps them take crucial business decisions while understanding the functioning of all the departments in an organisation.

Problem solving skills

In the business world, a performer is not just who is dominant at communication skills but also someone who excels at problem-solving skills. MBA courses offer a strategic view on issues by putting students into real-life situations to understand the circumstances well and to strategically delve out a solution. After months of rigorous training, MBA graduates become excellent problem solvers and usually have a unique method of approaching issues while on the job.

Work pressure management

Almost every role in the business world faces compelling circumstances on a regular basis. Throughout the degree, MBA students are fine-tuned in the skill of managing pressure well while making rational decisions and remaining level-headed. MBA courses make the students habitual to tough situations and instil the ability to control them well.

Excellent leadership skills

Businesses are continually looking for people who can lead the team well with a result-oriented approach. This is one core skill that stands out and is extremely valuable in the corporate world. Opting for an MBA programme from any of the best MBA schools in India will instil this sought-after skill in any student. MBA courses are designed in a way that they put students in situations that require leadership skills to proactively come out of it. Every corporate setup today is looking for candidates who can drive their team to work hard while leading them to exceptional results. Leadership skills are essential to inspire and motivate others in performing better.

Effective networking skills

Effective interaction with subordinates and peers can do wonders for any organisation. An MBA programme continually pushes students to move out of their comfort zone to get the work done. Furthermore, top MBA colleges like UPES give several opportunities to students during the course duration to interact with industry professionals. Networking skills, if used in the right manner can help any graduate give a kickstart to their career. Also, candidates with excellent networking skills are an asset for any organisation.

With the competition getting fierce each passing day, it has become essential for candidates to have the upper hand when competing with others in the race for landing their dream job. A degree in MBA makes them industry-ready and instils all that an organisation looks for in a candidate. In the end, it will not be false to say that ‘yes, MBA is the golden ticket to future’.