10 commandments of parenting

1- What you do matters, kids are watching you all the time, everything you do in their presence will influence them.

2- Do not misunderstand love to be leniency, lowered expectations or material possessions.

3- Be mentally and physically present with your child, this may require rearranging priorities. This is does not mean hovering around the child but being informed and involved in your child’s life is of paramount importance.

4- Adapt your parenting to fit your child’s age and consider their behaviour as they grow.

5- Start early, do not wait for the child to grow older to manage his behaviour, the earlier the child learns mannerisms the better.

6- Encourage children to be independent, letting children be independent does not mean you are being callous or mistake it to instigate rebelliousness in them.

7- Do not change your rules in an unpredictable fashion, inconsistency confuses children when you reprimand them in one situation and ignore the same behaviour next time, they will not identify their mistake.

8- Avoid aggression both verbal and physical, as stated above spanking and shouting at the child will cause them to exercise the same over their peers.

9- Do not assume children to understand what is not clearly communicated. Make sure you break down what you want to explain in simple words and positive tone.

10- Respect your child, this is the best way to get respectful treatment from your child. Children treat others the way their parents treat them. Your relationship with your child is the foundation for her relationships with others.

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