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A family with green thumb

Gardening is a wonderful hobby to bond families. Its fun to watch the wonder on your childrens faces as plants sprout flowers and veggies. Whether you live in an apartment, in a home with just a little verandah or a large bungalow, you can have fun growing green things together.
It doesnt take much to get started, even if you are new to gardening.

You will need:

1. A few pots or old shoeboxes lined with plastic
2. A few pebbles
3. Soil
4. Seeds
5. Water

If you are using an old shoebox remember to seal the inside of your box with the plastic lining from plastic shopping bags. Cut the little holes in the plastic for water to drain out. Get your children to decorate the pot/shoebox with a picture or pattern using acrylic colors. Place a small layer of pebbles at the bottom of the shoebox or pot. Fill it with soil till about an inch from the top. Then dig small holes, about an inch deep and plant the seeds, one in each hole. Cover up the hole and water the seeds till the soil is moist.

Place your pots or shoebox in an area with lots of sunlight and remember to water them every day, and soon your seeds will start sprouting beautifully!

Some interesting plants you can grow at home:

Carrots. This root vegetable makes a pretty house plant. Cut the top of a large carrot about an inch from the top. Remove its leaves and plant it in soil with its crown sticking out. Keep your carrots in a spot that gets some sun and some shade.

Snake gourd, Bitter gourd, ribbed gourd and ladys finger. Get the seeds of these veggies, they sprout quickly and grow fast. Theyre easy to handle and the kids will love to eat what they grow! An easy way to get those veggies into them!

Aloe Vera. This is plant thats hard to kill with its thick and leaves. The sap inside the leaves can soothe burns.

Money plant and other creepers. Creepers are plants that cant stand by themselves. They lean on walls and climb around supports.

The money plant is an interesting creeper thats easy to grow. All you need is a cutting of its stem. Place it in some water or soil. Soon, it will grow and youll have to guide it by placing sticks or other.

Spend weekends scouting for new pots, seeds and manure. The internet has plenty of information on growing plants. Browse for some tips together, and watch serious family bonding happen as you rejoice together in every new plant that flourishes in your house or garden!

– Cherubina

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