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Draw this rocket by putting together some geometric shapes as shown.


The Family Encyclopaedia of Science by Optimum Books is a great read covering all aspects of modern science. It has five sections — Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Transport and Technology — and is chock full of interesting trivia and tidbits. Here is one: ‘Mars is a reddish desert studded with extinct volcanoes.

This encyclopaedia tells you this and much more. You will discover facts you never even thought about. With life-like illustrations and photographs, this compendium is a good one for days when you just want to curl up in bed.

It seems formidable but its hard to put this one down once youve got started!

Publisher: Optimum Books

Mom’s and Dad’s

Do you visit the malls or watch movies every weekend? Here are some other activities you can try. Read up some astronomy and visit the planetarium (preferably with your Astronomy book).

• Is the next eclipse around the corner? Run to your nearest science centre to witness the phenomenon live.

• Look up an encyclopaedia to read about different varieties of fish and visit the local aquarium.

• Visit a botanical park to check out plant fossils and trees of different shapes. Thats biology for you in exciting colours!

• Explore your city for more hands-on science events. The next time your family wants some entertainment, take the science way!

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