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Add power to your breakfasts

While scrambling to meet school bus timings, packing lunchboxes, and getting children ready for school, its not easy to make breakfast the most important meal of the day. Try these options to add power to your family’s breakfast with minimal extra effort.

Stock up on dry grains

Rice flakes, cornflakes and muesli don’t need cooking. If children don’t want them with milk, they can eat them plain. They provide healthy fibre and energy for the morning. Keep small boxes of muesli or cornflakes ready. So if the kids are in danger of missing breakfast because the school bus is honking away, you can pop one of them into their school bags for them to eat on the way.

Add protein power

Nuts are easy to store because they have a longer shelf life. Keep a cache of almonds, cashews and groundnuts ready. In addition to the carbs they get at breakfast, the protein in nuts helps children keep active. Dry fruits also add fibre and minerals to their breakfast.

Stock up on fruits

Keep a fruit basket ready to add to the breakfast for the days supply of vitamins.

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