Apps that make Parenting easier

Parenting is undeniably a 24/7 job but thanks to technology, today there are several apps out there that are designed to make life for parents a wee bit easier.  Here are three mobile apps to help parents manage family chores, children’s play dates and promote child safety.


Web, Android and iOS

This android app helps family membersto remain connected and enables parents to track their children’s location.


Tracking — A location map helps track loved ones, especially children, to ensure they are safe.

Task List — This distinct feature enables family members tomake a shared task list whichis useful to distribute chores such as grocery shopping,household duties, etc.

Chat window — Acommon chatwindow enables familymembers to remainc onnected.


Android, iOS and Windows

Choremonster helps parents to distribute tasks within the family by offering treats and rewards. It involves setting deadlines, listing of tasks, assigning them to family members including children and setting deadlines.


Rewards — Points are awarded for everytask completed which can later beredeemed or used to “purchase” a
camping trip, ice cream, anextra hour of Xbox, and more.

Scheduling tasks — You can schedule and reschedule tasks and approve the success of a task and award points to children.


Android and iOS

Smile Mom is a platform which connects mothers with same age group children in her neighbourhood. It enables parents to share problems and solutions, receive real-life support such as setting up play dates and buy-sell used baby products.


Questions and answers — A question and answer facility encourages parents to share similar experiences.

Marketplace — It offers a market to purchase and sell used baby and child products.

Meet-ups and play dates — Parents can arrange meet-ups and play dates with same-age neighbourhood children.

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