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Bloomz Preschool, Sector 51, Gurgaon was started in July 2011 under the aegis of Manav Rachna Educational Institutions with an aim to introduce unique, modern and professional approach to learning.

The preschool believes that each child is a potentially divine human being and should be nurtured and facilitated to discover oneself. It aims to provide effortless learning in a happy environment.


The preschool hosts an air conditioned and spacious learning center equipped with educational toys and Montessori materials. The preschool furniture is child sized and all fixtures have safety guards; there are also bunk beds for relaxing and an aquarium.

The outdoor area includes play ground and free play areas equipped with jungle gym, swings, slides, sand pit and a splash pool.


Bloomz offers a specially developed flexible curriculum which accommodates individual strengths of each child. The preschool follows a blended approach to learning which has been developed by the Manav Rachna team over the years. The curriculum is child centered, integrates Play way, Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Montessori philosophy. Children are given full freedom and scope to satisfy their curiosity and explore new worlds through games, songs, stories and activities.

The preschool offers child friendly learning centers with self learning Montessori material; language development is done through phonetic approach, cognitive development is based on the concept of simple to complex and concrete to abstract through hands on activities. Sensorial training is based on a logical learning sequence needed for neurological and psychological development. Children are also given cultural exposure to develop positive and caring attitude towards natural environment and respect for all.

General Information

Admission Age
2 Year And 4 Months
Teacher Student Ratio


Parents can obtain the prospectus and registration form at the school fee counter on payment of Rs 750 or register online through the link provided on the school website.

The academic session starts in April every year.


Please contact the preschool for information on fees.


Bloomz, Sector 51 has been ranked among the top 10 preschools in Gurgaon by the EducationWorld India Preschool Rankings 2013.

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