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Boosting family immunity in the Covid age

PW invited parents of Delhi School of Excellence, Hyderabad to share their initiatives to boost family immunity to combat viruses and infections

“I believe the best way to boost immunity and fitness of my family including my five-year-old daughter Anvi is to practise the power of positive thinking and follow a healthy lifestyle. Typically our day begins with a dose of a home-made concoction of basil, ginger, cloves and cinnamon followed by a series of fitness exercises and pranayam (twice daily) to reinforce our respiratory systems. We avoid oily and spicy food and include fruit, leafy vegetables and salads in our meals. Our bedtime ritual is to cultivate positivity by thinking of “staying strong to defeat the virus” followed by a glass of golden milk (mixed with turmeric).” — Mukesh Kumar, scientist, ASL (DRDO, ministry of defence), Hyderabad

“I believe good nutrition builds strong immunity. Therefore we maintain a diet that includes fruits, leafy vegetables, chicken and fish. To this, our 12-year-old-daughter Darynn Abigail adds a glass of milk and vitamin supplements prescribed for growing children. Following good personal hygiene habits like bathing regularly, washing hands before and after meals, carefully washing veggies, fruits and meat before cooking and drinking clean water are also important in protecting us from disease. Moreover adequate sleep, regular exercise, meditation and family fun time are great stress busters that ensure good health and happiness.” — Rev. Patrick Dommati, church pastor and operations director of Gospel Trumpets Ministries, Hyderabad

“Although our intentions weren’t deliberate, over the years we have all developed healthy habits — good hygiene, balanced diet and an active lifestyle — that have helped boost our immunity levels. Except for being locked down, the Covid pandemic hasn’t drastically changed our way of life. Washing vegetables, hands, body and feet mindfully are taken very seriously in our household. Nuts, dried fruits. curd and buttermilk are always included in our daily menu. Additionally, my nine-year-old twin daughters Sifat Kaur and Sidak Kaur love eating seasonal fruits. And every night, it’s a practice to drink a glass of lemon water mixed with nutrients-rich chia seeds.” — Dilbagh Singh, senior manager (product development), Oracle India Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad

“These are testing times and I believe my family including my teenage daughters — Farah Mariam (class X) and Farheen Mariam (class IX) — must focus on strength of mind and soul as much as on body immunity. Healthy nourishment apart, I ensure my family gets a daily dose of exercise, reads books to remain motivated, listens to inspirational music; and prays to heal and keep our souls nourished. A balanced diet, sunlight and fresh air, physical exercise in our home gym, yoga and mind strengthening exercises have contributed to developing inner strength and strong bodies and minds besides building natural immunity.” — Bindhiya Ahamed, Technology professional, US-based MNC

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