Building a memory bank

You probably have a half-filled pastel-colored baby record book with early photographs of your tiny tot. But what about the following years and their memories? You might have many digital photos that never got the sorted or printed.
There are so many precious bits of your childs life that you may want to remember. That innocent comment in public, those heart-warming words unexpectedly delivered while cuddling up in bed, that special gesture your 4 year old makes when thrilled… There are many precious memories to keep. But we are often too busy with the present or planning for the future, that putting aside some time for the past is low on our list of priorities. But technology has made saving of memories much easier.

Try this simple periodical exercise to build a treasure house of memories.

– Set a reminder on your mobile or computer to remind you to jot down anecdotes and notes once a week or month. Keep a simple Word file or a blog, so you can keep adding dated entries.

– Keep clicking photos and recording videos of favorite activities, objects, special gestures and speeches of your child that you want to preserve.

– Before your childs birthday (just once a year), gather all your notes, pictures and videos. Put a scrapbook together using photo software, and bound. Make a CD with videos, photos and commentary, recording the past year. Your child will love the gift and you will have a copy to treasure forever.

– Every New Year or on your wedding anniversary, do the same to compile a family album/CD. Your children and family members will thank you for many years.

You will witness many special moments every year, and unless you take the trouble to record them, many will be forgotten. As you maintain a record, you will enjoy every detail, and you will realize how precious the golden days of yore were.

It will also be one of the best gifts you give your children.

A Reading Corner

Reading is an activity everyone wants to do in peace without the interruption of people moving around, talking or adjusting television volumes. Create a Reading Corner in the house, where the person who wants to read can enjoy a book in peace.

Find a nook that is away from the blare of the television or traffic. Pick a comfortable couch or divan. Or a big window below which you can place mattress. Place some comfortable cushions and a stool or shelf where a book or glass of juice can be kept. Make a rule that anyone using the Reading Corner will not be disturbed unless absolutely necessary. If you have too many voracious readers in the house, you may have to create more than one Reading Corner. It will soon encourage the reading habit and learning.

-Cynthia John

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