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In this digital age, communication and visual storytelling are accomplished through the use of computers to create interesting graphics, animated characters, and realistic special effects. Today, animation and graphics designing has boundless scope for those who love creating magic. Despite the recent global economic crises, animation and graphic industry across the world has continued to grow at a rapid pace.In India despite its late entry, these two industries are on the path of expansion and ready to experience an extended period of boom.

Sometimes, the field of animation is misunderstood with cartooning. Cartooning is basically drawing caricatures of characters with some distinct delicacies to make the character evoke a sense of comedy. Moreover, animation is the art of breathing life into these characters. Animation is the art with which lifeless objects are brought to life with the help of various modern computer based sequencing techniques.

A Graphic Designer is the one in-charge of the visual communications of a product. Graphics designer works with images as well as text in order to design and create visually appealing elements including logos, brochures, advertisements and websites. In order to create these, a graphic designer will work with a variety of images including paintings, images and digital media. A graphics designer work rotates around meeting with clients to understand the scope of the assigned project. They may also need to work on brief of art director, also work upon the various aspects of achieving the desired design.

Sector Overview

Animation and graphic designs are visual communication.There are a huge number of career opportunities available to graduates of degree programmes in animation, video graphics and special effects. They may work in advertising, publishing, web design or the movie industry. Many go on to become animators, graphic designers and art directors.

Animators work in a wide range of industries to state stories or marketing concepts through visual media, digital graphics, animation, or special effects. Animators are usually expected to have freehand art skills as well as the skill to use computers and other technology to create 3D models, storyboards, and computer simulations. They who work outside the entertainment industry are typically employed by related businesses or advertising firms to communicate promotional messages.

Generally, graphic designers are given a brief, like name of a particular state and the problem that needs to be solved, or a specific result that needs to be achieved. The challenge is to collect all the information and analyze it to make out with the best possible solution which can be conveyed via animation or image. The success of a good design is decided not just by how pretty the design looks, but also if it could convey or solve the message to the audience.

To communicate messages graphic designers use a wide range of visual mediums via fonts, shapes and colors on print design, social media and websites.A good graphic designer has strong marketing and interpersonal skills, in addition to an eye for details and strong knowledge of electronic media packages. Unlike western countries where designers specialize in either vector art or graphic content design for web – here in India companies look for an all-rounder. Often an Indian designer is skilled in photography, imagery, colors, textures, patterns, graphics, animations etc.


These professionals spice up the website and content ultimately means more engagement and converted viewers who will spend longer amounts of time on your site and come back more often.To become a best in these fields one need to be highly skilled. They need to have a creative mind and a lot of knowledge about the technology and its use. These profession calls for a set of skills that every, such as:

An innate artistic ability with good visualisation
Have a feel for movement and timing
Possess creative and artistic qualities, along with the appropriate technical skills
Good computer skills
have observational skills and acting talent, for character work
Communication and interpersonal skills
Team spirit and coordination ability
Pay close attention to detail
Be able to take direction
Good knowledge of designing softwares


To pursue a career in animation, the first step is to get a graduate degree or diploma in animation. To get a graduate degree in animation is not very common in India yet. At present, very few institutes offer this course. On the other hand, there are many institutes that offer diploma courses in animation. To step in the animation arena, a Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA) is a very important course. A bachelors degree in animation and the BFA are three-year courses while the diploma course in animation varies in the range of six-months to one and a half years.For pursuing a degree or diploma in animation, the eligibility criteria includes a 10+2 from a recognised board with at least 45 percent marks.

Specialised training is required to become a good graphic designer. Students aspiring to be a good graphic designer must have a fondness towards art work. One has the option of either choosing diplomas. You can also make your way towards post graduate diploma programmes in graphic designing after completing your Class XII or graduation. Those holding a Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA) degree can also apply for the course.

The courses impart training in software used in graphic designing, and enhance the artistic talent of the person as well. It will expose you to audio-visual media, electronic media, publishing, printing, manufacturing, as well as film and animation. Besides theory,hands-on experience in all aspects of media would be offered as part of the course.

Career Growth

Animation is one of the fastest rising career options in our country today. The need for more skilled animators has brought about a rise in job opportunities and ascended the demand for animation as a profitable career option. The demand has exceeded the supply as the animation industry requires more than 30,000 professionals every year. Whereas Graphic designers are required in so many industries like Print Industry, Advertisement industry, Web designing industry etc. New designers must be aware of tools such as Gimp, Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Blend or more. But in 3 – 4 years of experience a designer career comes to a standstill, unless you are assisting or working as an art director or you have highly creative mind. Unlike a career in programming where there are various layers like programming, project management, analysis – designing is more of an individual genius than team work.


Animation is a satisfying and profitable profession and is attracting youngsters. Professionals new to this industry usually work in the capacity of junior animators in animation studios and production houses. The initial pay package of these animators can be in a range or Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 per month. In the span of three to five years one can become a senior animator and command a monthly salary of Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000. If one is really creative and have been a part of some innovative projects you can bag a pay cheque in excess of Rs. 55,000.

On the other hand, Graphic Designer salaries vary greatly, depending on a host of factors such as skills, creativity and the most essential – experience. Skills that are associated with high pay for this job are Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash, Illustration, and Adobe after Effects and Design. Experience has a moderate effect on income for this job. A Graphic Designer earns an annual average salary of Rs 258,701. Most people move on to other jobs once they have more than 10 years’ experience in this field.

The author is Anaik Singh, Head of Department, Interactive Animation and Graphics at IMS-Design & Innovation Academy, one of the leading Design Institutes in the country.

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