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EducationWorld June 2021 | Spotlight Feature
– Sangeet Jaura, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Office of International Affairs, Chitkara University

With over 200 fruitful international collaborations, Chitkara University has been an innate supporter of the ‘globalisation of education’ and the same has enabled Chitkarians to experience international education in the form of academic articulations, exchange programs, semester abroad programs, global internships, summer programs, international competitions, international conferences and study based scholarships.

The Pioneering Pedagogical Tool- Global Week

Global week serves as a catalyst for infusing cross-cultural competence, knowledge transfer as well as networking among faculty since eminent faculty members are invited from across the world to teach predetermined short module courses in Chitkara Schools. Further, the event enables the students to experience stimulating interactive sessions with visiting Professors from its partner universities around the world. They also gain competence towards becoming global learners as they witness unprecedented pedagogical styles during the entire week of their participation in the event.

The Trailblazing Guild- Joint Research Projects through Conglomerate of Collaborations

“Research”, which is core of Education at Chitkara, is all the more bolstered by multiple international projects through Chitkara Spaak Centre for Multidisciplinary European Studies and Chitkara University Research & Innovation Network (CURIN). Ingraining research temperament, these projects have been successful in providing efficacious platforms to the students for developing their critical, analytical, creative and communication skills, and introducing global research tools and methodologies.

The International Intellect- Transnational Education as a Powerful Educational Instrument

Centre for Global Education at Chitkara University exposes the students to proficient international faculty who co-teach at Chitkara University and share their expertise in delivering an applied education for a particular discipline in which students are enrolled. Duly emphasising on infrastructure and technology of global standards, the students are taught using the International applied pedagogy with same learning outcomes that are equivalent to that of international partner’s program. This academic cohesiveness helps Chitkarians with an option to seamlessly transfer to an international partner’s school as all the credits are seamlessly transferred, after two years of study at Chitkara University.

The Multilingual Pursuit Crossing Language Barriers with Inlingua and other Foreign Language Programs

Chitkara School of Languages (CSL), Inlingua, English as a Second Language (ESL), Taiwan Education Center and Language Talkies – the native way (Language lab developed under Erasmus + project titled Content and Language Integrated Learning; CLIL) provide the perfect platform for students to excel globally. CSL is instrumental in successfully running Toastmaster series at both the university campuses which hones the public speaking skills and confidence of students. While, Language Talkies – the native way acts as a perfect instrument for all the stakeholders with all aspects and forms of communication needs with its unique and innovative corners like, Bhasha translation zone, write a research paper zone, phonetic console, telephone booth, Braille language zone, sign language zone, etc.

The Global Alchemy- Global learning through Global mobility

Global mobility opportunities rendered to Chitkarians enable them to experience international education during their course in the form of global internships & work[1]integrated learning, trimester, summer & winter exchange programs, international volunteering, research practicum, overseas conferences & workshops, academic field trips and study tours. Further, ensuring the marvelous learning experience for Chitkarians, Office of International Affairs meticulously organises pre-departure orientation sessions for all the students and staff members travelling abroad keeping in mind the destination they are travelling and the program they are undertaking.

The Avant-garde Curriculum- International Certifications, Benchmarking of Various Programs and In-novative Assessments

Chitkara offers ample opportunities for students to build strong portfolios packed with internationalisation components, which are globally relevant and acceptable in the form of international level certifications, innovative assessments & feedback by international guest faculties. The carefully curated articulation programs with global partners which are offered across all disciplines, benchmark the global standards of Chitkara’s curriculum and its delivery. Consequently, thousands of students successfully & seamlessly transfer to courses being offered by global partner universities across all continents as transcripts are fruitfully mapped to global standards. Moreover, such international collaborations in program delivery also enhance and introduce our faculty to new global teaching and learning pedagogies.

The Glimpse of Incredible India Introducing the World to Spectrum of India

With surfeit of international guests and students visiting university campus around the year under vari-ous international exchange programs, it becomes imperative to orient and acquaint them with Indian culture and customs. In line with the same, Chitkara University meticulously plans and executes orientation for the guests which includes presentation and hands-on activities on Indian customs, traditions, accomplishments and developments.

The Education Proliferation- Contributing to the Global Education

True worth of education is received only when it’s shared with others. Hence, every year, staff members of the university teach and deliver modules, talks, presentations at varied national & international platforms and reputed educational institutions across the globe. Apart from spreading the light of education, this global cooperation and sharing of knowledge opens up plethora of opportunities for future collaboration projects. 

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