Date balls

Date balls(20 servings)


 1 cup peanut butter
 3-5 pitted dates (add more if you have a sweet tooth)
 ¼ cup seeds (pumpkin etc)
 ¼ cup chia seeds
 3-4 tbsp oats

Preparation guide

 Blend peanut butter, pitted dates, seeds, and oats in a food processor until a cookie dough-like texture forms.
If too crumbly or dry, add a little peanut butter. Roll into balls.
 Place balls in the freezer or refrigerator to chill for 15 minutes.
 Serve chilled

Health tip: Seeds are rich in protein and fibre. Dates contain antioxidants and choline, which boost memory and concentration. Dates help maintain bone mass and are a nutrient-rich source of sugar.

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