DIY: Colourful Pom-Poms

Pompoms 1


  • 2 balls of wool (different colours)
  • Craft glue
  • A pair of scissors
  • 1 key ring
  • 2 cardboard pieces (3-inch and 2-inch)

Pompoms 2

  1. Take a ball of wool and wrap it loosely around the 3-inch cardboard piece. Repeat for the second ball of wool with the 2-inch cardboard piece.
  2. Hold the wool firmly and remove from the cardboard piece, being careful to retain the shape. Hold it from the side and wrap some of the wool around the centre of the wool and tie it tightly with two knots.
  3. Insert the scissors into the loop at the end and cut the wool. Do the same for the other side.
  4. Cut off wool pieces that are longer and make it even. Then roll the pompom in your hands to make it fluffy, like a ball. Do the same for the other pom-pom but make it a little bigger.

Creative keychains, room décor and more

Now that you have two differing pom-poms, you can make many more. Use your creativity by varying the colours you use and the shapes. Some suggestions:

Animal keychain. You can use craft glue to bind the two pompoms together, add googly eyes, add bits of felt or card for nose mouth and ears. Add paws with felt. Attach it to the key ring using a piece of wool.

Room décor. Make many balls using the colours that match your room décor. Suspend them at different heights using a string of wool. Hang them in an attractive place.

Wall hanging. Draw a picture of an animal, with a background. Stick the pom-pom on the body of the animal for a 3D effect. Get it framed, and hang it on your room wall.

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