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Magic Box

Cynthia John

This is a game that will help you think of numerous ways to solve problems and get ideas from others to solve yours!

• Decorate a cardboard box by sticking gift paper around it. Take 15 sheets of paper or cards and place them into the box.
• Each person can pick up a few of them, and write a problem on the top of each sheet. It could be a problem for which they need solutions, or an imaginary problem. Then, ask them to fold the paper into four and drop it back into the box.
• When all the papers have been dropped, close the box. The whole group can chant:
‘A boxful of problems
A boxful of problems
A boxful of solutions it soon will
• Next each individual picks up a paper and reflects on the problem mentioned. She should present several creative ways to solve the problem. Each person can write their ideas on their paper, fold it and put it back into the box. Participants are permitted to pick and answer several problems.
• If a sheet has solutions, they can still add more of them.

When everyone has finished, you can pick out the sheets and read the answers. Those who wanted solutions for their problems are sure.

Teacher Talk

The classroom is a great place to build soft skills. Every class contains students with differing skills, personalities and qualities. Bringing out the best in each pupil is a challenge for teachers.

With planned activity, each student can be encouraged to put her soft skills to better use. Try this:

• Break the class into small groups. Each group should be given a task relating to classroom management. One can maintain the bookshelves, another should be asked to focus on class decor, and another on helping with attendance and collecting homework.
• In all groups, every individual gets a turn to be group leader. They should be directed to plan how they want to discharge their group duty.
• The teacher should keep a close watch on all groups, encouraging teamwork and cooperation.
• This exercise helps everyone build their teamwork and leadership skills.

The class will also be doing something constructive for all, and will experience a sentiment of unity as they work for the betterment of their class. The teacher also gets more helping hands.

Day for others

Life Skills

In education and business, well-developed life skills are a great asset, and are highly valued. Here is a list of highly valued life skills.
• Inter-personal communication skills
• Negotiation skill
• Self-awareness
• Decision-making
• Co-operation and teamwork
• Empathy (ability to listen and understand)
• Critical thinking (analysis)
• Anger management
• Stress management
• Time management
• Problem-solving

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