ISRA 2020
ISRA 2020

Do it now! – A Pocket Pinwheel

Do equations scare you? Are your tables jumbled up all the time? What about those complicated formulae? For all the lessons that confuse you, heres a smart pocket pinwheel reminder that you can make in a jiffy to enable you to tackle those forgettables”!
Things needed

1 split-pin brass paper fastener

2 sheets thick chart paper (of different colours)

3. Scissors

4. Scale

5. Pencil

How to make it

1. Cut out 2 circles of diameter 7 inches. Remember, the stiffer the paper, the sturdier your pinwheel.

2. Make a list of formulae or other things to remember from one subject. E.g. Science

3. If you have eight formulae you want to mem-orise, divide the first circle into eight equal sections.

4. Write each formula clearly on each section.

5. On the second circle, draw a circle with a radius of 1 cm from the centre. Now trace one section of the first circle and cut it out, leaving the central circle intact.

6. Fasten the two circles on top of each other by push-ing the drawing pin exactly in the centre.

7. Fasten the pin at the back. Your two wheels should now be able to rotate freely.

8. You can use different colour pencils to shade each section or add a small cartoon sticker to each section.

Keep rotating to discover more! Its fun to use this handy tool and show it to your friends. Hang it up with a satin ribbon in your room or slip it into your school bag. Make more pinwheels, one for each subject.

Note: Another version of this pinwheel is to make the second circle a smaller one, without the slit, and divide that also into secti-ons. This way, youll have a whole lot of stuff in one pinwheel itself.

Make spinwheels for your friends. Or make a big one to leave in class for everyone to use!

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