Do it now! – An invisible message

ave friends who are mad about puzzles? Then here is something that they would love to receive from you! A puzzle in a puzzle!
You will need:

A sheet of white paper (A4 size), thin cardboard sheet of the same size, a pair of scissors, markers, glitter pens/glue, juice of an orange/lemon, thin paint brush.

How to do it:

1. Stick the paper on the piece of cardboard.

2. Write your message first on another sheet of paper.

3. Count the number of words in your message and cut the sheet into the same number of pieces asymmetrically to make a jigsaw.

4. Now dip your paintbrush in the orange/lemon juice and paint one word on each piece of paper.

5. Decorate each piece individually (or decorate as a whole before cutting).

6. Add a note that says, ‘To view message, iron out every puzzle piece with a mildly warm iron or place under a lamplight. Assemble the puzzle pieces after the words appear to read your message!”

7. String the puzzle pieces into a necklace and surprise your friend with a puzzle gar-land. Or put all the puzzle pieces in a gift-wrapped box and gift it to them!

Your message could be a simple greeting, a top secret in code, a riddle or a letter — whatever you think is most suitable for your friend.

Keep a copy of the original message somewhere, so that in case your friend is too puzzled by the puzzle, you can always offer to help out!

-Anitha Bennett

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