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Do it now! – Birdie Buddies

Want to make your home nature-friendly? Try making these birdie accessories and attract feathered friends! Site them in your balcony or your garden.
Bird Feeder

Things needed

1 empty mineral water bottle (preferably Bisleri )
A sharp knife (adult help needed)
A compass
Ribbon or rope
Some bird seed (from a pet store) or a variety of grains (from the kitchen)

How to make it

1. Cut off the upper portion of the bottle with the knife so that only the cylindrical bottom half remains.
2. Fill the cylinder with bird seed or grains.
3. Punch two holes with a compass near the rim.
4. Pass a bit of ribbon or rope through the holes and hang it up on the nearest tree! You will soon have some avian visitors.

Bird Bath

Things needed

A shallow mud pot
9 bricks
Bird seed

How to make it

1. Build a brick tower by placing three colum-ns of three bricks side by side. (If it is in a spot where it could get pushed over, try to get someone to cement it for you.)

2. Fill the pot with water.

3. Place the pot in the centre of the column and strew birdseed around the pot to attract birds to your bird bath!

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