ISRA 2020
ISRA 2020

Do it now! – Colours

Heres a group game you can play anywhere — all you need are a few newspapers and some colours. Each person can use a crayon or paintbrush to circle seven words in a newspaper using three different colours — red, blue and green.
To begin, one person gives a clue about one of the circled words. For example: This word appears at least ten times on page 3. Or the clue can be the meaning of the word.

The person next to her has 60 seconds to try to find the word. If she finds it, she gets one point, according to the colour with which the word is circled. For example, the score can be written as 1 G (one green).

Then, she must give a clue to the person next to her. Count the number of rounds (one turn each) you have done.

When you have finished seven rounds, you can stop and count up the scores.

The score for one person might read – 2 B, 2 G, 1 R (2 blue, 2 green, 1 red).

Meanwhile, the scorer, who should be a person not playing the game (maybe an adult) allots a random number of points to the three colours — with a big difference. The players sho-uld not know the scores.

For example,

Green- 100 points

Red – 3 points

Blue – 65 points

Total the points of each player and write a poem in praise of the winner. This game is easy to play while travelling — all you need is a newspaper and a few crayons or colour pencils!

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