ISRA 2020
ISRA 2020

Do it now! – ‘Corn’ucopia

How about a brimming cup of popcorn to go with your movie? Sounds just good? Grab a pack of the buttered corn and pop it in a microwave oven. When the corns popping, get your ‘cornucopia out to fill. Heres how you can make a popcorn holder.
Things needed

Corrugated cardboard — 14×7 inch sheet

Thick chart paper – 1 sheet

Yellow crepe paper


Markers – for decoration

How to make it

1. Tape the two short ends of the corrugated rectangle together. You will get a stiff cylinder.

2. Place the cylinder shape on the chart paper and trace the bottom on it with a pencil. You will get a perfect circle. Cut out the circle carefully.

3. Place the circle on top of the cylinder and carefully tape it to the cardboard.

4. Once the paper is secured, invert the cylinder. The paper part will be the bottom.

5. Tear off strips of yellow crepe paper and crumple roughly to make balls. They should look like popcorn.

6. Make two dozen balls and stick them all over the container.

7. Write the word ‘Popcorn in bold, black letters on the container. You can even make a container for each member of your family and personalize it with their names. Line it with butter paper so that you can reuse it several times. Just change the butter paper each time.

Now pour the popped corn into your ‘cornucopia, close the blinds and curl up for that great movie.

-Anitha Bennett

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