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Do it now! – Magic Box

This is a game that will help you think of multiple ways to solve problems and get ideas from others to solve yours!
Decorate a cardboard box by sticking gift paper around it. Take 15 sheets of paper or card and put them into the box.

Each person can pick up a few of them, and write a problem on the top of each sheet. It could be a problem for which they need solutions, or an imaginary problem. Then, they can fold the paper into four and drop it back into the box.

When all the papers have been completed, close the box. The whole group can chant:

A boxful of problems

A boxful of problems


A boxful of solutions it soon will be!

Next each person picks up a paper and reflects upon the problem mentioned. She should present several creative ways to solve the problem. Each person can write their ideas on the sheet, fold it and put it back into the box. Each person can pick and answer several problems.

If a sheet has solutions, they can still add more of them.

When everyone has finished, you can pick out the sheets and read the answers. Those who wanted solutions for their problems are sure to have some new ideas. It will be fun to read creative ways of solving problems.

– Cynthia John

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