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Do it now! – Make a Bookshelf

Heres how you can make a bookshelf for yourself. Its quite simple!
You will need:

A sturdy cardboard box

Poster board or thick cardboard sheet – 2


Paints/giftwrapping paper

1. Choose a cardboard box of the dimensions that you want your bookcase to be. Remove the top flaps.

2. Lay the cardboard box on its side. You will see that you have the outer frame of the bookcase in place.

3. Cut out two pieces of the thick cardboard or poster board — one of the same height as the box and one of the same width as the box. Check the depth of the box and cut the cardboard pieces accordingly if they dont fit.

4. Next, measure and mark the centre of each cardboard piece and make slits on the sides of the cardboard strips using a knife or scissors. The slit should begin from the centre of one of the sides and go till the centre of the cardboard.

5. Now slide the slits in the cardboard strips into each other. Make sure you get a tight fit. Now fit this into the cardboard box and you have four little shelves!

6. Paint your bookshelf in vibrant colors to match your room. Or stick attractive giftwrapping paper instead.

7. You could also make this a hanging shelf that holds magazines. Or hang it up near your bedside for a cozy book nook.

You can make an elaborate bookshelf with different-sized shelves using this method.

– Anitha Bennett

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