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Do it now! – Make a Mobile

You can create an interest-ing and attractive mobile rack using odds and ends.
You will need:

A coat hanger

String or twine

Assorted objects

How to make it:

1. Paint the coat hanger with diluted fevicol and sprinkle glitter on it. Hang it up to dry.

2. Decorate coloured twine or string with colorful beads or painted pasta of different shapes.

3. Choose objects thematically to hang on your mobile rack. Or you could make a rack to match your rooms colours and decor.

You can suspend all kinds of candy from the mobile rack to make a groovy party decoration!

4. Use your creativity to think of the most attractive way to hang the objects.

Do you want to suspend the knickknacks in different lengths alternating the short and long ones? Or do you plan to hang them all in a row? Or even one below the other?

5. With this picture in mind, sort through your objects. You may need an adults help to bore tiny holes in objects like shells.

6. Thread the twine through the holes or tie it around the middle of the objects.

7. Now with one end secured, tie the other end to the coat hanger at the required height. Suspend all the objects and check if it is balanced without too much weight on one side.

Now your mobile rack is all set to hang in your room, from a window grill or your balcony for all to see!

– Anitha Bennett

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