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Do it now- Make an impact!

Do you feel strongly about a cause or idea? Do you want to make others sit up and take notice of it? If so, dont keep quiet. Take the lead and do what you can to publicise the cause. If you are wondering how to go about it, here are three surefire ideas to help you catch the attention of folks and get your message across. Gather your friends to support you and have fun creating awareness!
Make a banner

An eye-catching banner in the right place is just the thing to make an impact.

Lets make it. Take a long string, long enough to attach all your pennants and to tie up. Cut coloured paper or cloth (lasts longer) in the shape of triangles. Make one triangle for each letter. For example, if you want to say ‘Stop Terrorism! then you will have to cut 13 triangles, one for each alphabet. Attach each triangle piece to the string by folding the base of the triangle pennant over the string and sticking or stapling it in place.
Lets display it. Hang it up in front of your apartment or house (the balcony, doorstep and the gate are all eye-catching hotspots) and get your friends to do the same.

Make a badge

Wear a smart looking badge and catch the interest of passersby.

Lets make it. What shape do you want your badge to be? You can try square, round, heart or star-shaped ones. You can even make a book-shaped badge, or a tree-shaped one for environmental awareness.

Take a piece of thick cardboard and draw the template for your badge. Cut it out and stick colored chart paper or paint on the cardboard to make it bright. Write your cause with a marker in a few words (preferably not more than four). Attach a safety pin at the back firmly with cellotape, leaving the pinning side free.

Lets display it. Choose a Saturday when you and your friends can wear these badges in public.
Choose a location where you are sure to meet a lot of people and kids.

Make a few extra badges to give away to kids who volunteer to support you immediately! Hang banners nearby and distribute pamplets to people around.

Make pamphlets

While most pamphlets are printed in printing presses, a cost-effective solution would be to print copies at home.

Lets make it. Print an attractive border with enough space in the centre for your writing. You can design a logo for your cause and use it in your banner, badge and your pamphlet. Choose a nice font and type your text on the poster. You could print one copy and have it photocopied, or print the number of copies you want.

Lets use it. Distribute the pamphlets personally by hand to people in your neighborhood with a quick word about your cause. Make sure you sport your badge when you give away the pamphlets!

-Anitha Bennett

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