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Do it now! – Simple Cake Decoration

Decorating a birthday cake yourself can make it extra-special. Get a sponge cake and try these easy decorating ideas.
Quick ‘n easy sugar icing

This icing is thin and makes a nice haphazard pattern on the cake.

Mix two cups of powdered sugar (sifted) with 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence and two tablespoons of milk.

Add more milk (a little at a time) until it is thin enough to drizzle over a cake. Once youve iced your cake, its best to let it stand for one or two hours.
You can add liquid food colours to get different shades. Always remember to add one drop at a time and stir to get the right colour.

Once your icing is set, use piping cones to write ‘Happy Birthday on the cake. Or, just fix a toothpick with a flag that says so. You can also spell out words with plastic alphabets and remove them before the cake is cut.

You can sprinkle white icing sugar on the cake or near its border. Add a little bit of cocoa powder here and there to give a contrasting effect. Sprinkle chocolate chips or chocolate shavings on the cake to achieve a dramatic effect.

Decorate your cake with fresh fruits. You could place a piece of pineapple on the cake and/or a cherry on it. Itll look good and taste delicious too.

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