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Do it now! – Wind Chimes

Make your own wind-chimes to create some gentle music and remind you to celebrate each day.
Things needed


Colourful magazine paper


Compass (to make holes)


Paints, Twine, Glitter

Make it

1. Draw an attractive picture on a piece of cardboard and cut it out. Paint it on both sides.
2. Draw some rockets, balloons and confetti on colour paper from glossy magazines.
3. Cut them out, stick them on cardboard and use glitter to decorate them. Ensure that both sides are decorated or painted.
4. Tie these to the main picture using twine. Fix a rectangular piece of cardboard to the last piece firmly.
5. Tie coins of different sizes to twine and hang them from the rectangular strip by making holes in it with a compass.
6. Suspend the coins at slightly different lengths, but make sure they are close enough to touch each other.
7. Listen to the tinkle and decide how many coins you want to add.
8. Hang your wind-chime in the middle of a doorway or balcony, where the wind will make it tinkle. The soft music will always cheer you.

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