Does your child’s self-esteem need a boost?

Children dont always express their disappointment and pain. They often get insulted, compared, humiliated and hurt when they fail to meet their own expectations as well as of others.

Here are two tested ways to build your childs self-esteem. When you praise, tell your child exactly what she has done well instead of being general. Say, Your choice of colours is creative and eye-catching,” rather than, Thats good A specific compliment conveys greater sincerity and depth. It tells children how to keep up good work.

Conversely when children fail to meet expectations, appreciate the effort put in, and highlight the positives associated with the effort. For example, children who have lost an inter-school cricket match wouldnt feel so bad if they were told that cricket practice is fun and helps them keep fit and improve their skills.

Appreciating good effort and moves in a sport will take the focus away from losing, and help children feel good that they played the game.

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