Educational Consultancy

About the Product:

AGES are an educational consultancy that offers a variety of services to help transform educational institutes from good to great. The various services offered are:

  1. Institutional set up/management
  2. Institutional assessment
  3. Curriculum development
  4. Teacher development and leadership training
  5. HR services
  6. Training for dealing with exceptional children

AGES specialises in developing better learning environments for inclusive education. With the right mix of passion, experience and professionalism, AGES is able to inspire and partner with educational institutes in their transformation from ‘Good’ to ‘Great’.

Unique Features:

AGES truly believes that education has the power to change/inspire the world and make it a better place. AGES with its core services strives to assist the institutes in doing just the same: use the power of education to inspire generations.

Current Issue
EducationWorld July 2019
ParentsWorld July 2019
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