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Educational Tours: A medium to enhance learning quality

“Education is the process of learning, With opportunities galore, why are you waiting?” – Anonymous

Seeking newer avenues of knowledge makes for a great approach to learning. So does sharing knowledge with others.

One way to learn is to gift to yourself or others at least one new thing every day. For example, we could help at least one needy person every day; we could juggle between hobbies like yoga, writing, reading, painting, sculpting, travel etc.

Talking of travel, it could be something like an educational tour offered by The tour helps students observe for real what they read in books or hear over electronic media; getting an opportunity to interact and ask questions from the masters and try their hands at it if they wish to. An automobile manufacturing plant, a beverage bottling plant meeting your favourite RJs while doing what they do best and meeting the creators of famous brand logos and advertising mascots are examples of educational tours to name a few.

Mentioned below are some purposes that Giftxoxos educational tours meet well:

School/College sponsored educational trips:

You are the college dean, in charge of the academics. You would have often thought about getting that ‘extra edge that could make your students stand out in the industry.

Thats what educational tours are for.Select a tour theme, arrange a visit for the student group, or award the meritorious students with tickets to these tours. With the right intent, the right method automatically falls in to place.

Professional courses based curricular visits:

You are an MBA operations faculty and need your students to visit a car manufacturing plant to understand the assembly line and quality control processes better.

One way to accomplish the above project is to request a plant head to arrange a visit. However, there are more agile ways to meet the purpose. There are tailor-made experience boquets available easily today, which you can present across to your students.

Gift from parents on special occasions:
Your teenage son is a fan of the famous RJ of a popular FM channel. He has often urged you to make a visit to the Radio station.

Indeed, there are tailor-made experience bouquets that you can gift to your son on his birthday as a surprise.

Corporate/Research visits:

Even for the corporate practitioners working in research centres, consulting firms etc., these tours make for a great avenue for gathering crucial insights and data driven analyses.

So don’t keep that elusive brand research waiting in the lurch. Search for the brand, find out if there is an experiental tour offered and gift it across as an official souvenir to your team.

As we see from the examples above, a token of educational tours helps learners bridge the gap between theory and practice and also help them discover their passion.Companies like Giftxoxo are bringing a new dimension by combining gifting and education system, an initiative that deserves a big applause.

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