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Encourage leisure reading

I look forward to reading the ‘Fun with Words’ column by Roopa Banerjee every month. It’s an enjoyable way for children to learn about the nuances of the English language.

As a retired English teacher I am appalled by the poor English grammar and limited vocabulary of the new generation, for which I blame their addiction to social media, WhatsApp and other digital platforms. Schools and parents should make it compulsory for children to read at least one high-quality literary work every month.

Vinod Cherian

Shocking health record

Though the full extent of the damage done by the still rampaging Covid-19 pandemic is yet to be ascertained, I was shocked to read that there are several other deadly diseases which are extracting a heavy toll in India every day. For instance I was outraged to read that 2,000 people in India die of diarrhoea every day and 1,400 of tuberculosis. Why has there not been any public outrage over these killer diseases that are omnipresent in 21st century India?

After we are done with the Covid-19 epidemic, we need to take stock of our healthcare system and work to create safe and clean environments where all, especially child citizens, can lead healthy lives.

Rishabh Sharma
New Delhi

Under-reported women’s stress

Congratulations for highlighting the under-reported but ubiquitous phenomenon of parenting stress (PW March). Over the past decade with the growth of two-income nuclear households, parenting stress has reached dangerous levels. And the major brunt of parenting anxiety is borne by women who bear almost the entire load of child care duties. They are expected to care for their children’s every need and also work a full day in offices. India’s rigidly patriarchal society frowns upon men helping women with household chores.

Therefore I am not surprised to read in your story that a growing number of women are suffering parental burnout and exhaustion and need counselling and medical care. It’s time for the men to step up and share the responsibility of raising children.

Rashmi Abraham

Multiple intelligences neglect

Thank you for a very educative feature on developing children’s spatial intelligence (PW March). Most schools and parents focus on only one intelligence i.e, academic. They pay scant attention to developing a child’s multiple intelligences. Over-emphasis on academic success has blighted many children’s lives. I urge all parents to encourage their children to develop their other intelligences and talents, be it music, art, dance, sports, etc.

I also want to make an appeal to schools and teachers to encourage a thousand different flowers to bloom in their classrooms. The world doesn’t only need scientists and programmers but also poets, artists and musicians.

Kamala Chandra

Great expectations folly

Thank you for publishing an excellent parenting magazine. I believe most parent-child conflicts arise because of a gap between the expectations of parents and children. Parents want children to excel in all they do and to this end they try their best to provide enabling facilities and opportunities. But all children are not alike in their intelligence and physical abilities. However parents insist on all-round excellence from children and unfairly compare them with others and when their expectations are unfulfilled they vent their frustration upon children.

I believe it’s the duty of parents not to expect too much from their wards. Let them grow and study as per their own abilities. The role of parents is to guide and enable children, not force and pressurise them. Please love, accept and support your children without burdening them with the weight of unrealistic expectations.

Capt. S.N. Panwar

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