Ensuring children’s safety during Unlock 1.0

PW invited Parents of the Ardee School, New Friends Colony, Delhi, to share strategies for ensuring children’s safety as Covid-19 pandemic related restrictions are relaxed

Good hygiene and health will play critical roles for my children — Reyansh (9) and Reya (5) — as Covid restrictions are gradually being relaxed. currently they wear masks when they play outdoors with instructions to keep a safe distance from friends as far as possible, and restrict hand movement so they don’t touch their eyes or faces. regular hand washing with soap is also being stringently followed at home. Over the past five months since the covid-19 forced schools to shut, my children have taken a liking to nutritious home-made meals which i am confident will help build their immunity to fight any virus.” — Nitika Bawa, Homemaker

Despite easing of restrictions, me and my children — Sohum (6) & Avyaan (2) — believe in remaining indoors as far as possible and not stepping out unless there is urgent requirement for food and other essential services. But when we do step out for some fresh air, masks, gloves and safety shields are very much a part of our armour. Sending my children to school if and when they open will depend on safety measures taken by the school.” — Namita Jain, Homemaker

With the new normal in visible sight, parents have a daunting task of making children aware of prescribed safety protocols with a strong warning of what may happen if they aren’t followed. therefore i am constantly reminding my children — Vayu (14) and Vardaan (10) — of the importance of regular hand washing, maintaining social distance, wearing masks, and eating healthy meals and maintaining physical fitness.” — Aditi Chopra, Commercial and developerlegal lead for India at Microsoft

We have adopted a conservative approach throughout this pandemic. Our son — Agastya lav  (4) — has met only his grandparents during this period. it worries me how i should prepare Agastya for school if and when it opens as pre-primary children find it difficult to understand the concept of social distancing. they need affection and freedom in their interactions which defeats the purpose of social distancing. therefore despite relaxations, we plan to limit his interactions with outsiders, continue with virtual school and make up for the lack of social interaction with constructive engagement, regular conversations and loads of cuddles!” — Diya Roopchand Kaul, Businesswoman

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