EW Global School Rankings 2019-20

EducationWorld September 2019 | Cover Story

EW Global School Rankings 2019-20

Since 1999 when the first issue of EducationWorld was launched with minimal fanfare but maximum determination to “build the pressure of public opinion to make education the #1 item on the national agenda,” this objective has not yet been attained. However, there’s no doubt that awareness of the critical importance of QEFA (quality education for all) for national development has impacted the national consciousness like never before. There is rising agreement with the observation made by Nelson Mandela (1918-2013), the indefatigable leader of South Africa’s long freedom struggle against the unremittingly cruel practitioners of apartheid, that “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

Undoubtedly people of the world’s least developed countries who have relatively recently broken free from the shackles of imperialism and colonialism need high quality education to catch up with our erstwhile masters. Therefore applying the logic that what’s good for educationally short-changed India is good for the developing countries of the so-called third world, your editors have resolved to rate and rank the most respected schools of developing countries with the objective of acknowledging their contribution to the development of their host countries as also to encourage academic and student exchanges with India and inter se. We believe when nations are well-educated, the risk of armed conflict is greatly reduced and mutually advantageous trade linkages become easier. Education can unite the world.

This year in the inaugural EducationWorld Global School Rankings (EWGSR), juries of education leaders and experts have ranked the Top 10 primary-secondary schools in our neighbour countries, i.e, the kingdoms of the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain (CBSE and/or CISCE, Delhi affiliated schools), Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Next year, we intend to rank schools in a larger number of countries and in the fullness of time make the annual EWGSR truly global.

UAE’s Top-ranked Schools


1. GEMS Modern Academy
2. The Indian High School
3. The Millennium School
4. Delhi Private School, Dubai
4. Gems Our Own English High School
5. Gems New Millennium School
6. Gems Our Own Indian School
7. Ambassador School
7. Our Own High School, Al Warqa’a
8. Credence High School
9. JSS Private School
9. JSS International School
10. Rajagiri International School

Nargish Khambatta + EW Global School Rankings 2019-20

“Since a jury of repute has recognised our excellence, I’m sure our entire school’s community will rejoice. Our school’s vision statement is ‘inspiring children to be positive change-makers’. It’s an honour and privilege your jury has acknowledged the hard work our teachers are doing to live up to this vision statement.” — Nargish Khambatta, principal, GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai.

Abu Dhabi

1. Abu Dhabi Indian School, Al Muroor
2. Gems United Indian School
3. Abu Dhabi Indian School, Branch 1, Al Wathba
4. Mayoor Private School
5. St Joseph’s School
6. Bright Riders School
7. Private International English School
8. Sunrise English Private School
9. Global Indian International School
10. Grace Valley Indian School
10. Asian International Private School

Neeraj Bhargava + EW Global School Rankings 2019-20

“This is indeed very good news which has made our team at ADIS, Muroor proud. Credit should be given to our talented students and teachers who have worked hard to record excellent academic results. The support given to this school by our chairman Dr. B.R. Shetty and vice chairman Yusuf Ali is also a contributory factor.”—Neeraj Bhargava (centre), principal, Abu Dhabi Indian School, Al Muroor.


1. Sharjah Indian School
2. Gems Millennium School
3. Gulf Asian English School
4. India International School
5. New Indian Model School
6. Our Own English High School — Sharjah Boys’ Branch
6. Our Own English High School — Sharjah (Girls)
7. Delhi Private School, Sharjah
8. Ryan International School
9. Aspam Indian International School
10. The Indian Academy Sharjah

Pramod Mahajan + EW Global School Rankings 2019-20

“We are pleased to learn that we are ranked Sharjah’s #1 school in the inaugural EWGSR 2019-20. However, awards are not unusual for us. Our students have been awarded the Shaikh Hamadan award for the past three years. Moreover, we have received the Sharjah Sustainability Award for the past two years and SIS was declared UAE champion in the Youth Fest 2019” —Pramod Mahajan, principal, Sharjah Indian School


1. Woodlem Park School
2. Al Ameer English School
3. Indian School Ajman
4. International Indian School
5. City School
6. DPS
7. Royal Academy
8. East Point Indian International School

Woodlem Park School + EducationWorld Global School Rankings 2019-20

Kuwait’s best Schools

EW Global School Rankings 2019-20

1. Indian Educational School
2. India International School
3. Indian Learning Own Academy
3. Indian Central School
4. Indian English Academy School
4. Bhavan’s Smart Indian School
5. Carmel School
6. Gulf Indian School
7. Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian Private School
8. Integrated Indian School
9. Indian Public School
10. Kuwait Indian School
10. The Indian Community School
10. United Indian School

EW Global School Rankings 2019-20


Oman’s most admired Schools

1. Indian School Muscat
2. Indian School Al Seeb
3. Indian School Salalah
4. Indian School Al Hansab
4. Indian School Sur
5. Indian School Al Ghubra
6. Indian School Ibri
7. Indian School Al Maabela
8. Indian School Sohar
9. Indian School Darsait
10.Indian School Ibra
10. Indian School Nizwa

Dr Rajeev Kumar Chauhan + EW Global School Rankings 2019-20

“We are very pleased to hear that our school which believes in providing excellent academic and holistic education has been awarded #1 rank in Oman”—Dr. Rajeev Kumar Chauhan (left), principal, Indian School Muscat.

Qatar’s premier schools

1. Birla Public School
2. DPS Modern Indian School
3. Al Khor International School
4. Bhavan’s Public School
5. Shantiniketan Indian School
6. Loyola International School
7. Noble International School
8. Doha Modern Indian School
9. M.E.S. Indian School
9. Pearl School
10. Ideal Indian School

Bahrain’s best schools 

1. The New Indian School
2. The Indian School
3. New Millennium School DPS, Bahrain
4. Bahrain Indian School
5. Ibn Al Hytham Islamic School
6. The Asian School
7. Al Noor International School
8. New Horizon School

Nepal’s top-ranked schools

1. The British School,Kathmandu
2. Lincoln School,Kathmandu
3. Rato Bangla, Lalitpur
4. Budhanilkantha School, Kathmandu
5. Ullens School, Lalitpur
6. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Kathmandu
7. St. Xaviers School, Godavari, Lalitpur
8. St. Mary’s High School, Lalitpur
9. Little Angels’ School,Lalitpur
10. Gems School, Lalitpur

Sri Lanka’s most respected

1. Trinity College, Kandy
2. Elizabeth Moir School, Colombo
3. St. Bridget’s Convent, Colombo
3. The British School in Colombo
4. Royal College
4. S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia
4. Asian International School, Colombo
5. Musaeus College, Colombo
6. Bishop’s College, Colombo
7. Ladies’ College, Colombo
8. Colombo International School
8. St. Peter’s College

(This league table is based on the rankings awarded by a jury of three India based education consultants with deep knowledge of primary-secondary education in Sri Lanka)

“I am delighted to learn that Trinity College, Kandy has been chosen by a jury of specialist educationists as the #1 school in Sri Lanka. It is a great honour for the school. At Trinity, we are trying our hardest to blend traditional Sri Lankan and Christian values and standards to create a more progressive, child-centred approach to education. We believe that creativity, self-discipline, innovation and critical thinking are at the heart of every child’s learning experience” — Andrew Fowler-Watt, principal, Trinity College, Kandy (estb.1872)

Bangladesh’s top schools

1. International School Dhaka
2. Scholastica, Dhaka
3. International Turkish Hope School, Dhaka
4. European Standard School, Dhaka
5. Grace International School, Dhaka
5. The Aga Khan School, Dhaka
6. DPS STS School, Dhaka
7. HURDCO Internatinal School, Dhaka
7. Chittagong Grammar School
8. Sir John Wilson School, Dhaka
9. Manarat Dhaka International School and College
10. Dhanmondi Tutorial, Dhaka
10. Mastermind English Medium, Dhaka

Maldives’ top-ranked schools

1. Villa International High School, Malè
2. Billabong High International School, Malè
3. Ahmadhiyya International School, Malè
4. Ghiyasuddin International School,Malè
5. Brightway International School, Malè
5. Madhrasathul Ifthithaah, Naifaru
5. Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Saanee
6. G.A. Atoll Education Centre, GA.Villingili
6. Thaajuddeen School, Malè
7. Sharafuddin School, Addu City
8. Majeediyya School, Malè
9. Ungoofaaru School

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