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FIAPOs urges India to switch to plant-based food

November 30, 2019

Climate change and global warming looming over us all have been pushing every being over the edge. India currently represents one of the countries with the highest livestock population in the world. It is also one of the largest producers of milk, beef, broilers, eggs and fishes. All these animals are farmed for food. There are several reasons why animal agriculture across the world is harmful for the environment: deforestation to make way and grow food for livestock, methane emissions, rampant fertilizer usage create as much greenhouse gas emissions as all the world’s cars, trucks and airplanes combined.

The pollution caused percolates through the ground and into the water we drink, and spreads into the ocean via rivers and streams. Approximately 163 million people in India alone don’t have access to clean drinking water and just a liter of milk requires 1000 liters of water to be produced. Cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad are listed in the day zero list, they will run out of all drinking water in the very near future.  Furthermore, it takes 10,000 liters to produce half a kilo of meat.

Article 51 A of the Constitution of India states duty of every citizen to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wild life, and to have compassion for living creatures.

Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO), India’s apex animal rights organisation works continuously to connect and empower animal protectors to collectively achieve animal rights by innovative methods of advocacy, networking and capacity building. FIAPO works for causes that help educate talented young minds to ensure a better tomorrow and also does significant work to spread awareness regarding practices that save the depleting resources of the natural environment, and urge people to change course while there is still time.

In our own country, the erratic monsoon, water shortage, drought and extreme weather conditions are ingraining a sense of responsibility in many. Today, a lot of Indian celebrities, singers, mountaineers and influencers are adopting plant- based lifestyle for environmental, ethical and health reasons.

FIAPO through its nation-wide campaigns has been able to mitigate and regulate animal cruelty in the industry, inspire people to adopt a cruelty-free lifestyle and minimize the escalation in consumption of animal products across the country.

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