Forensic science

Q: Which are the institutes that offer study programs to qualify as a forensic scientist for B.Pharm graduates?
A: Forensic scientists analyse drugs, specimens of tissue for poison and blood or urine for alcohol. They test for traces of material that might either establish or exclude a nexus between a suspect and a victim of a crime. These traces might include blood, saliva and other body fluids, paint, glass, footwear and tyre impressions, inflammable substances and explosives, hair, fibers and vegetable material.

Forensic scientists also examine firearms and documents and investigate the causes of fires, explosions and road accidents. They use their skills to determine facts form the information/clues for the purpose of resolving criminal, civil and regulatory issues.

Students interested to pursue a career can apply for M.Sc courses (forensic Sciences) after completing graduation in related subjects. Some institutes are:

Forensic Sciences Department, Mylapore, Chennai
Dr.Bhim Rao Ambedkar University, Agra
Punjab University, Patiala

Employment prospects are with the law enforcement agencies- the police, legal system, in the investigative services of state governments as also with private detective agencies. The future in this field is good but finding employment requires considerable personal initiative.

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