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Fritzee’s Fact File – 12

Colours have different moods and ideas associated with them.
While blue is said to be one of the most popular colours, it is one of the least appetizing, because blue food is rare in nature. Food researchers say that people tend to avoid foodstuff coloured blue, black or purple fearing it may be spoiled or toxic.

Yellow is considered an optimistic color but it has been proved that people lose their tempers more often in yellow rooms! Even little babies cry more in a yellow nursery!

The green room of a concert hall or theatre is where performers relax before going onstage as green is said to soothe the nerves!

Pink, the most romantic colour, is considered a tranquilizer. Sports teams sometimes painted the locker rooms used by opposing teams pink so that their opponents would lose energy and feel sleepy!

The Egyptian queen Cleop-atra loved purple. To get one ounce of Tyrian purple dye, she had her servants soak 20,000 Purpura snails for 10 days!

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