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Fritzee’s Fact File – 14

USA celebrates Make A Difference Day on the fourth Saturday of October every year.
The Make a Difference day is set apart for helping others. Sam Daniel, who participates every year, says, Its a day of celebration — an occasion of friends helping friends, neighbors helping neighbors and strangers helping strangers Across the nation, millions of people participate every year. More than 3 million people cared enough about their communities to volunteer on that day, accomplishing thousands of projects in hundreds of towns. The projects ranged from big time interventions to small time help. Some were adventurous and collected huge truckloads of clothing for the homeless. Others spent the day helping an elderly neighbour or a sick relative.

Wilton Yogure of California who raised $5000 for a needy foster home, summarizes the value of this eventful day by saying, We pass through this world just once. So why not make a difference?

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