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Fritzee’s Fact File – 9

Here are some fun facts and trivia on books:

• The origin of the word ‘book comes from a tree. In the early days, Romans used the thin layer found between the bark and the wood to jot down their thoughts. And so, the English word ‘book evolved from the word ‘bog which is the Danish word for birch bark.

• The Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA, contains 28 million books. The shelves run for 532 miles and if you were driving at 70 mph in a car, it would take you about 8 hours to pass them all!

• The worlds highest-selling book is the Bible. And the very same book is also the most shoplifted book worldwide!

• The worlds largest-ever book was published in USA and its about Bhutan! The book, weighing 60 kilograms (133 pounds) with pages that are two metres (seven ft.) wide, is a visual treat with colorful pictures from the tiny country.

• Author Michael Hawley, a scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, says that the 122-page book could flatten someone if it falls from its shelf!

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