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Glossaread brings higher education course study material online

April 17, 2020

Glossaread Technologies Pvt. Ltd. one of India’s emerging EduTech platforms joined the band wagon of virtual learning and digital classrooms. Glossaread presented higher education syllabus study material online for students. The objective is to simplify the learning process, by making it accessible, convenient & affordable on single seamless platform thereby saving the time, efforts and money for students. It offers across study materials across multiple universities in Mumbai, Pune and Patna at present.

While on one of the on ground promotions of the earlier avatar of Glossaread (Pay as you go sachet based content where magazines and newspapers were split into articles so that users can just pick what they wanted to read and not the entire edition), a few college students voiced their inability to buy an entire book (which was expensive), when all they needed was 3-4 chapters of it. This was the turning point of Glossaread’s story of creating accessible, convenient and affordable study materials as per University Syllabus.

During the present scenario due to COVID, students across the globe are highly impacted and are undergoing turmoil within, thinking about their further studies and how they can compensate the loss of time. Glossaread, at such times is an enabler, which aims to bridge the gap between the student and their need for accessible and convenient education. It also, addresses other challenges such as expensive books, poor library infrastructure, multiple and fragmented sources of study material and the sheer amount of time one takes in gathering the relevant study material. It has made it all available at a single place online.

How does Glossaread Work?

Glossaread works with professors, publishing companies and other content creators to make the latest, best in class study material for students as per their university syllabus. It brings all of it together onto a single platform to provide a single seamless access to students relevant to the syllabus of that University.

This makes the entire proposition approach more accessible, convenient and affordable. Study Materials for all subjects of an entire semester are available at Rs. 100-150 per head per semester.

The platform also has tied up with publishing companies who have spilt their books into chapters with respect to the streams and disciplines, so that students can now pick just the chapter they would want at Rs. 8 – 9 (depending on the overall price of the book), at a cost cheaper than photocopying.

Glossaread engages deeply with content creators and gives them an economic benefit and provides them a platform of gratification in their area of expertise.

Chandrabhanu Pattajoshi, Founder of Glossaread said, “Higher education in an evolving country like India can sometimes become too expensive. Glossaread was launched as a result, with the aim to fill the gaps in the education system and make Higher Education accessible and convenient & affordable for deserving students. Today there is a growing awareness in the altered distribution methods of education in India. The Government is also supporting such efforts through highly subsidized education systems and accepting the transition from a traditional setup to now a virtual one. At Glossaread we aim to target each of 993 Universities and 38000 colleges across all states of India.”

Sonam Choudhary, Co-founder of Glossaread added, “We believe that the Ed-tech industry altogether is undergoing massive changes with respect to the consumer behavior patterns and the shift towards studying online. There are newer methods of delivery like splitting of chapters from books since all chapters of a course or reference books are never needed. Above all, they are getting more visibility, traction and are being supported by the publishers of such books. Online education in India hence will see a huge rise in engagement from the students. Colleges/universities are also keen and looking forward in partnering with players who can give relevant study material to their student base. At Glossaread, we are working towards our mission of making every student use Glossaread as his/her only learning platform.”

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