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What’s it about mysteries and puzzles that’s so captivating? The suspense of not knowing the answer and the challenge of guessing tend to keep us engrossed for hours!

Whether you enjoy crossword puzzles, rubik cubes, jigsaws, mystery novels or teasers, we share your enthusiasm. T

hat’s why this issue of Kidzone is dedicated to puzzles and mysteries.

Try making a puzzling gift for your friends, read about optical illusions and more! You can solve some puzzles and perhaps resolve a mystery few people have cracked.

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Tricks your eyes play!

Anitha Bennett

To solve this mystery in front of your own eyes, look at this picture.

Do you see three faces? If not, try again!

You should be able to see the face of a man with a bushy moustache, an old lady with sunken cheeks, and the profile of a young girl’s face.

This image is a classic example of an optical illusion, an artfully designed puzzle to test the brain and eye.

To put it another way, an optical illusion occurs when our eyes see certain things and the brain perceives and interprets the same illustration or picture differently. The two combined creates contradictory confusion, i.e, an optical illusion.

Let’s try another one. Take a five-inch square piece of paper. Tape two opposite sides together so that the paper forms a tube.

Now take the tube in your right hand. Hold it up to your right eye and look through the tube, keeping both eyes open.

Put your left hand, fingers up, palm toward your face, up against the left side of the tube. Your palm should be about two-thirds of the way down. You will see a hole in your hand!

One eye sees a hole, the other eye sees a hand. Your eyes and brain add the images together, creating a hand with a hole!

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