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At some point in your life you must have rebelled against the education system, like I did. Why should we slog so hard? I asked my parents. If it was just to score high marks and feel proud of it, that seemed a pretty hollow objective.

Now, I realise that my parents who persuaded me to stay the course as well as my adolescent thoughts were both right. Studying taught me a lot that I needed to know to pursue my chosen career in adult life. But I also know that it wasn’t just marks that mattered. What ultimately helped was academics plus the soft skills and values I learned. Skills like communication, presentation, public speaking, team work and leadership mean a lot.

While some schools and teachers help you acquire these skills, you also need to work on them yourself. That is why this issue focuses on ways and means to develop soft skills.

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Your home theatre

Anu D

Set up your own ‘home theatre’ where you and your friends can stage plays and shows.

You don’t have to worry about teachers, schools and their plans. You can plan your programme all by yourselves.

Scripting, designing backdrops and staging plays and shows will enable you to develop your creativity.

Planning other programmes like dances and songs will help you develop team-building skills.

Presenting programmes and getting on stage will help you conquer stage fright and improve your presentation skills.

So home shows are a great way to develop soft skills.

Gather friends to help and ensure that everyone plays a significant role in your productions.

Practice makes perfect. So rehearse every production to ensure you get your act together.

Pay attention to small details like venue, time and invitations. Invite friends, parents, neighbours and others for your shows.

If you find yourselve quarelling or disagreeing while preparing a show, avail the opportunity to learn to resolve problems peacefully.

Remain united to make the show a resounding success.

Check with parents, neighbours and everyone concerned to be sure you have permission to stage your show in the chosen venue.

Work hard and put your best into every show. When you present a successful show, the applause will be worth the effort.

More important, you’ll feel good about yourself, and what you have accomplished. It will boost your self-confidence as well as that of your group, and encourage you to do more in the future.

So get thinking and plan your show. You are sure to have fun and learn a lot at the same time!

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