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Hello children!

I am well aware that most — if not all — of you are fascinated by our four-legged companions who share the world with us.

If you have spent time with a pet, you know how endearing they can be. That cute face wipe with a paw may have made you want to hug your friend’s dog. Or you might have had the pleasure of putting a kitten to sleep by your side. But although pets shower you with love and affection, wild animals have their own charm. Switch on a nature-based television channel, and you’re certain to see something that makes you go ‘Wow’! So let’s focus on adorable creatures this month.

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A Helping Hand – Stephanie Daniel

Are you an animal lover who wishes you can help them in some way? Organisations that care for animals such as Blue Cross and PFA (People for Animals) are always in need of helping hands. You could volunteer to help them out on weekends, or for a few hours a week. Here are some ways in which you can do so.

Offering tender loving care. If you are a dog lover, put on your running shoes and take the dogs in their care for a walk on a leash, within a marked area. Other animals simply enjoy being stroked or spoken to. Animals such as horses and cows love being fed. Try a carrot, apple and/or greens. However, make sure you get permission to feed them.

Caring for the sick. Many animals in voluntary animal care centres come in hurt, wounded or very ill. You can help to care for them. But it would be advisable to take anti-rabies and tetanus shots before working with them. Your work could include feeding weak pups, kittens or rabbits from a bottle, tying a bandage or coaxing them to take their medication!

Feeding animals. Getting meals ready for animals is a long process. While most of them have a common menu, there are aggressive animals that need separate enclosures for feeding. Sick animals often need special medicines mixed into their food, and tiny ones may need to be bottle fed every few hours. If you are not too comfortable working directly with animals, you could help in preparation of their food.

Keeping them clean. Animals are often sprayed with chemicals to keep them free of fleas, ticks and mites. They also need to be bathed and/or wiped down. Want to help? Here are some numbers you can call to find out how you can help.

People for Animals (PFA) 011 23357088
Blue Cross, Chennai 044 22354959

“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.” Colette


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